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Christ Center Chelan 

Church Plant


We have the opportunity to plant a church in Chelan!  There is an Assemblies of God Church in Chelan that has struggled to survive. The District has asked us if we’d step in as the parent church and launch a Christ Center Chelan!

Why plant a church?

Christ Center is all about empowering the young at heart to live courageous lives for God. Right now in Cashmere, we are in the middle of a building project that is all about in-reach, but this opportunity to plant in Chelan is about reaching out to those that need the hope and the gospel that we hear every week at Christ Center!  

Why Chelan, specifically?

Chelan is in need of healthy churches that preach the gospel and offer hope to the area. The church that has been struggling has an amazing location in downtown Chelan, right across from the park with a two-story building and two houses that belong to the church. We would also have the chance to work with a Hispanic church of about 40 that meets in the building every week.  

Who is planting this church?

A team from Christ Center Cashmere has been praying and working for months to be sure this was God’s will for Christ Center and if it was feasible. This team of leaders with varied gifts and experiences has a heart to see the gospel shared with the community of Chelan.  Right now we are asking you to pray about helping with this plant!  We will need people that are gifted in different areas like tech, construction, and just basic labor!

How does this impact Christ Center’s finances?

We take this question very seriously.  Thanks to some amazing pillars in the current Chelan church, the land with three buildings is paid for and there is money in the bank set aside for ministry in Chelan! We feel this is a great opportunity.

Will there be a Pastor and who will that be?

There will be a Campus Pastor appointed to be on site. We are still working on who that will be, but in the meantime, a great support team is beginning to take shape; they are gifted in numerous areas and willing to take a step out in faith with God!

What will the services look like?

The details are not set for how and when services will begin, but as the launch date approaches, the team will have more info on this.

When will this happen?

The timeline for the launch is still being determined. What we do know is that the best time to plant churches throughout the year is at Easter and then in the Fall. Our goal is to have a plan set in place by Easter, but ultimately God is in control and we seek His timing, not our own. We are also waiting on the actual legal paperwork from the ministry network that will officially make this happen!

What can I do?

Pray. Help. Give. Pray some more. Let Ian or Steve know if you would like to contribute! or  You can also donate at