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"How can I respond to Hurricane Harvey?"

Possible ways you can get involved:

1. Pray (hope is strengthened through faith and belief, provision for
needs, protection from dangers, healing, etc.)
2. Give cash to reputable immediate relief task forces and organizations.
(Gets professional help where it is needed most)
     Convoy of Hope
     Samaritans Purse
     Team Rubicon
      Eight Days of Hope
3. Sign up to Volunteer in person with Convoy of Hope or Samaritans Purse
or Eight Days of Hope
4. Join your local Red Cross, Chelan County Volunteer Search and Rescue,
local Fire Dept, Swift Water Rescue, etc. (Get involved in your own
     community to further develop your skill set)
5. Begin a new journey with Basic Chaplaincy training.

Current Christ Center Response Plan
1. Currently COG certified Chaplains have been sent a weblink to register
for responding in person when they are called upon.
2. Waves of volunteers are staged at weekly intervals by Convoy of Hope
and Samaritans Purse and Eight Days of Hope, register in person with
3. Other options are being researched and more information will come as it
is confirmed.

Situation Report
Disaster environment in Hurricane Harvey impacted areas is still very
dynamic and active with Search and Rescue and Sheltering.
Unique hazards are present that will Kill or Maim you if you are not aware
and not connected to an organized response.
Due to extended sheltering and exhausted, fatigued, traumatized
individuals the needs will continue to be immediate and dire in the next
few weeks. Please consider how you may help in their recovery in any way
by being vigilant, exercising due diligence, exercising wisdom.

Alan Flick
Christ Center Disaster Coordinator

For more dialog contact Alan Flick Christ Center Lead Disaster Chaplain 509 782 0357 or