Baby/Child Dedication

Our kids matter! As parents, it's our responsibility to help our kids grow in their faith...but it's a BIG responsibility! Baby/Child dedication is a special service where parents make a commitment to help their kids find and follow Jesus and the Christ Center family makes a commitment to stand with the parents and support them in this journey.

If you're a parent and would like your baby or child dedicated, 
please contact Pastor Joyce,

Our next Baby/Child Dedication is Sunday, February 18th.

What is baby/child dedication?

A baby/child dedication is a short ceremony in which believing parents make a commitment before the Lord and the congregation to submit their child to God's will and to raise that child according to God's Word.

Why dedicate?


Baby dedication is a symbolic and public declaration of a family's commitment to raising their child in a Christ-centered home. It reflects a commitment to instilling values and faith in the child's upbringing.


Through baby dedication, families open themselves up to a supportive community of believers. This network can offer guidance, encouragement, and shared experiences, creating a strong foundation of support for both parents and the child.

& Prayers

Baby/child dedication includes blessings and prayers from the community. This collective support fosters an atmosphere of love, surrounding the child with prayers of those who care about their well-being.


Is Baby/Child Dedication the equivalent of Infant/child baptism?
No. While we find the example of baby Jesus being dedicated by His parents in Luke 2:22-46, we do not believe there is any scriptural basis for infant baptism as a means of guaranteeing a child’s salvation; all Scripture indicates that is a conscious and deliberate decision made by each individual. Dedication is a ceremony publicly declaring the parents’ intent to live righteously and train the child in faith.