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What are Groups?

A Group is a small group of people from all different backgrounds that get together on a regular basis to have fun and discuss their faith journey. Make friends and enjoy life together. 

Why should I join a Group?

  • You want to connect with other believers and experience community.

  • You would like a safe place to share your thoughts, questions, experiences, and doubts regarding your relationship with God and your faith.

  • You want to go deeper in your walk with God and be challenged.

  • You like to have a group of people in your life to pray with and share needs.

  • You want "church" to go beyond what you experience on Sunday mornings.

How do I join a Group?

Check out the list of open groups, then contact any leader for more information.


Groups are organized, trained and supported by David Belcher.
If you would like to host a Group in your home,
please call David at 304-633-7770 or email